Download DjVu Reader

DjVu reader is a free program for reading and viewing files in djvu format. The reader can quickly open several electronic documents of any size.

The program DjVu reader is completely in English and is designed to work on computer with Windows operating systems 32 bit, 64bit.


Installation is not required. If you want to use the English version of DjVu Reader on Windows 7, 10 – download the program to your pc from the official website at the links below. Unzip the downloaded archive and run the file DjvuReader.exe.
That’s it, the program is ready to go.

How to use

We will understand how to open the djvu file. To do this, press Ctrl + O or select File – Open in the menu and select the required book.

Open djvu file

The downside is that “drag & drop” does not work – you cannot drag a file into the program window or double-click on the desired document. Only as described above.

Functionality and features of DjVuReader

  • Select the number of sheets displayed and page scale.
  • Go to the desired page and scroll by using the navigation menu and the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • With poor quality of the original image there is the possibility of correcting the brightness and contrast. Most often it helps to achieve an acceptable result.
    Corrections colors
  • File can be sent to print or copy part of the page as a picture or text.
  • At the bottom there are tabs with open files.

The djvu format is quite popular due to the ratio of picture quality – file size, so e-books, documentation, and instructions are often stored in it.

To comfortably use all this information – download Djavu reader from our site.

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