How and what to open files in djvu format

What is djvu format and why open it? In fact, the djvu format is one of the most popular, on an equal footing with pdf, the storage formats of scanned and electronic books, magazines, documents, instructions. The picture quality is quite good, and the file size is much smaller than pdf.

The format is remarkable in that it is not just a picture. Simultaneously with the picture, a text layer is recorded that can be searched or copied from the book.

Since the format is specific, you just can’t open such a file – you need special software for reading djvu files.

Programs for reading djvu

Consider how to open a djvu file on a computer. Below are described free program viewers that can read djvu and work in Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Djvu reader – portable

Free, time-tested program in English. It does not require installation and does an excellent job with large electronic documents.

  • Convenient zoom pages and navigation through the document.
  • There is the possibility of correcting the brightness and contrast of the page, with a preview.
  • You can open multiple files at the same time.


Download DjVu Reader


WinDjView freeware is designed specifically for djvu format reading. There is a version for MacOs and Windows in English. The functionality is similar, but there are small differences.

  • Continuous scrolling of pages.
  • Rotate pages and zoom.
  • Create bookmarks with comments.
  • The drag & drop function is working – you can drag the book into the program and it will open.
  • You can also correct the picture, but without a preview, which is not very convenient.


Download WinDjView

STDU Viewer

This is a more universal program that not only reads and opens .djvu files, but also a large number of other formats. STDU is free for home and non-commercial use only.

  • Support for fb2, epub, tiff and others.
  • A large number of hot keys.
  • Sessions – documents open at the place where they closed last time.
  • The program looks more modern and convenient.

Download STDU Viewer

Sumatra PDF

Despite the presence of pdf in the name of the program, Sumatra is an excellent reader of electronic documents with the djvu extension.

  • Completely in Russian.
  • Minimalistic, but user-friendly interface.
  • Quick work with a large number of open files.
  • There is a portable version that does not require installation.

Universal viewer pro

Free for home use program to open djvu files. The utility utility is much wider, but it works great with djvu.

  • Opens a large number of text and image file formats.
  • Playing audio tracks.
  • A large number of settings.
  • No correction of brightness and contrast.

These programs allow you to view and work with djvu documents as comfortably as possible. You can choose a program to your liking.

Now the question How to open djvu fully resolved!

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